Kavi Shah, DMD, MS

Dr. Kavi received his degree from the College of Dental Medicine of Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He also undertook a residency in the Advanced Education in General Dentistry program at Nova Southeastern University in Miami, Florida where he worked with patients with physical and mental handicaps in the Special Needs clinic. He has been trained in nitrous oxide and sedation dentistry and enjoys working with the dentally anxious patient.

“The dental chair is not a fun place for most people. However, dentistry today can be truly pain-free so I focus on achieving exceptional results that leave my patients asking 'Was that it?' In residency I focused on sedation, implant surgery & implant restorations, along with complex esthetic prosthodontics so that I could live

 up to the vision of dentistry I started out with."

In addition, Dr. Kavi has completed numerous elective courses in Endodontics and keeps up to date through his involvement in a literature review group. By taking an active role in the American Dental Association, The Academy of General Dentistry, and numerous other organizations, Dr. Kavi brings the latest techniques to his patient care.

Taking a conservative approach, he prides himself on making sure you receive only the treatment that you need and is committed to treating each patient like a member of his family.

Hengameh Abtahi, DDS

According to the New York State Board of Dentistry, the professional dental licensing authority, any general dentist can do a root canal. We maintain a higher standard. Hopefully you will never need a root canal but if you do, with Dr. Abtahi, you will be in good hands. Aside from being a great general dentist, Dr. Abtahi has completed thousands of root canals successfully. Her extensive experience with this demanding procedure ensures that you will be comfortable and have a successful outcome. In fact, all her root canal patients marvel at how comfortable they feel during and after the procedure. They report that the root canal Dr. Abtahi did for them allowed them to continue with their daily routines the next day, even work, without interruption.

Her extensive experience in dealing with patients requiring extensive dental reconstruction has given her a natural empathy and the communication skills required for a great chair side manner. Her patients benefit from her extensive knowledge in thorough and relaxed consultations where again and again patients state, "No doctor has ever spoken to me this way nor been so thorough in their evaluation."

Dr. Gajera is a member in good standing with the New York Dental Association, American Dental Association, and Queens Dental Society, Nassau County Dental Society.

Referring to her patients Dr. Gajera says, " I strive to make going to the dentist a 'fun experience' especially for our younger patients, so that they enjoy an experience that is best kept as a life-long habit."

"My favorite part of the job is connecting with my patients; I like to know all of them on a personal level, as if they are my own family members or friends."

periodontics is a high priority for Dr. Heering. This is reflected in the more than 50 hours of professional courses in periodontal care and implant technology which he pursues annually. 

On the subject of making his patients feel at ease, Dr. Heering asserts, “It goes without saying that very few people like going to the dentist. That’s why I do what it takes for my patients to make sure that they’re as comfortable as possible every time I see them.”

David Heering, DMD

Dr. Heering has placed thousands of implants in his career and places hundreds of implants each month. This extensive experience is the reason why he has such success in delivering lasting, trouble-free results.

After graduating from Rutgers University, Dr. Heering earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at Tufts University School of Dental medicine. He completed his advanced specialty education in Periodontics at Boston University. Dr. Heering is a staff periodontist at Hamilton Hospital. He is a member of the American Dental Association, American Association of Periodontics, New Jersey Society of Periodontists and the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. 

Keeping pace with the latest advancements in 

About Us

We love to see you smile. Really, we do. That's why we take great pride in offering the most up-to-date restorative and preventive techniques in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, provided by the most knowledgeable and experienced general dentists and specialists in the field. We know that never having to worry about your teeth is the sign that we've done our job to provide the highest level of care in the industry.

Restorative and preventive dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years. Gone are the procedures of old that delivered substandard sometimes painful results. Now, with the right preventive care and conservative maintenance, you can have your teeth for the rest of your life and with little to know concerns along the way. We use the latest technology, and all of our dentists are thoroughly trained in the latest techniques. That, combined with our unwavering commitment to providing only the dentistry we would do on ourselves, results in an experience that's unlike any other. You'll immediately feel at ease, and our initial consultation will help you map out a complete dental plan that maximizes health and longevity.

Our patients reward us by constantly referring their friends, neighbors, and family to our practice. We even have several dozen patients that travel from afar to maintain their relationships with us.

Haresh Shah, DDS

Dr. Shah has had great success in providing preventive plans that preserve the health of teeth for his patients and, when necessary, providing long-lasting restorations. Proof of his approach comes from the hundreds of his patients who are over 60 and have trouble-free smiles that allow them to eat whatever they'd like.

Dr. Shah has over 32 years of private practice experience. He is a New York University College of Dentistry trained dentist that has supplemented his education with training in dental implants, prosthetics, porcelain veneers and oral surgery.

Dr. Shah is an active member of the American Dental 

Allegra Fiore, RDH

Allegra attended one of the premiere hygiene programs in the tristate area receiving her AAS in Hygiene from the New York City College of Technology.

Prior to attending Hygiene program Allegra worked for several years assisting doctors with a variety of procedures. These experiences have given her sensitivity to her patients needs from varying perspectives.

Her consummate professionalism is informed by the great empathy she feels for her patients and the respect she has for the trust they give us as a practice.

Allegra refreshes her education by reading the latest literature and taking classes in emerging areas such as 

Association and the Indian Dental Association. He serves as a board member of the Advisory Committee and is the New York ambassador member for NOVA Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dr. Shah has also spent time overseas teaching oral hygiene and basic dental care to underserved populations. 

With more than three decades of first-hand care experience, Dr. Shah understands the needs and concerns of his patients. He believes in the highest quality dentistry delivered in a comforting and caring manner.

When he isn’t in the office, Dr. Shah can be found volunteering for community service or spending time with his wife and three sons -- the oldest of whom is a dentist himself. His youngest is now pursuing education to become a dentist as well.

Dr. Hengameh Abtahi graduated from dental school in 1999 and practiced for several years in California. In 2008 she moved to New York to attend Rochester University, completing the Advanced Education in General Dentistry program in 2010.

Dr. Abtahi wants your dental experience to be beyond your expectations. She has cared for others her entire life  and strives to give the best care possible to anyone that comes her way. Through all these years her success has been growing solely based on referrals from patients, loved ones, and friends.

Implant Maintenance, Sleep Apnea, and the Treatment of the Medically Complex Patient.

Allegra is a member in good standing of the American Dental Hygiene Association and the Dental Hygiene Association of the State of New York. She is distinguished for being a Colgate Oral Health Advisor.

Bellerose Dental

Preventive & Multi-Specialty Dentistry

Honor Dental Society, and received the American Association of Orthodontists Student Award. She then completed a 3-year residency program and obtained a Certificate in Advanced Education in Orthodontics.

Dr. Rasouli maintains memberships in the American Dental Association, the American Association of Orthodontists and the North East Society of Orthodontists. She feels strongly about her responsibility to stay current with the latest orthodontic treatments and technologies and spends a considerable time attending continuing education courses and seminars.

When not in the office, she enjoys spending her time with her husband and two children. She loves reading, and staying involved with the community and her children’s schools.

Gargi Gajera, DMD

Dr. Gajera is one of those doctors every patient loves. She is always in a good mood, always positive, and even when working on a scared, little child, knows how to make the patient feel that they are in good hands. Her patients all leave with big smiles and a renewed sense of well-being.

A true Southerner, Dr. Gajera attended Emory University and Barry University before attending dental school in Florida at  Nova Southeastern University.

Prior to joining private practice, Dr. Gajera completed a residency focused on general dentistry, implant placement and oral surgery at Winthrop University Hospital on Long Island.

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Zohreh Rasouli, DDS

With over 13 years of experience as an Orthodontist, Dr. Rasouli has been creating healthy and beautiful smiles for her patients, providing them with exceptional orthodontic care. Through preventive Orthodontic treatment, Dr. Rasouli has been able to ensure that her patients avoid the problems that come from having poor occlusion (alignment) and poor oral hygiene. For Dr. Rasouli, straight teeth not only look better but they last longer and have less problems than crooked teeth.

Dr. Rasouli graduated Summa Cum Laude in Biochemistry from Stony Brook University and received inductions in several Honors Societies. She continued her education at Stony Brook University where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with Honors, was inducted into the Omicron Kappa Upsilon